Data Quality and Interoperability: Addressing the Capability Gaps through Standardisation

The 2020 edition of the Industry Roundtable will take place fully online this year. Through three single afternoon sessions, the event will address some of the challenges that the new information architecture will face in order to reach both political objectives and operational benefits, in particular the quality of the data.

High quality for both alphanumerical and biometric data has to be ensured at the moment of insertion/acquisition, also in case of not optimal environmental conditions. Additional work on the development, endorsement and implementation of common standards is necessary throughout the data management process: from data acquisition to access to information (including mobile devices). 

Furthermore, technical improvements should complement operational enhancements. This event will offer an opportunity for the industry to present solutions to address the capability gaps present at Member States level (quality of alphanumeric and biometric data), and in particular for the future use cases (like capturing quality biometric data in non-optimal conditions).