Towards Practical Implementation of the New JHA Information Architecture

On 17 October 2019 eu-LISA hosted its 11th Industry Roundtable “Towards Practical Implementation of the New JHA Information Architecture” in Tallinn, Estonia.

The event’s purpose was to discuss solutions for the implementation of the new interoperability architecture in the JHA domain that are aligned with legal, functional and technical requirements. Based on a feasibility study “Elaboration of a future architectural framework for interoperable IT systems at eu-LISA: impact assessment and migration and integration plan”, recently completed by eu-LISA, industry was invited to propose implementing solutions that the Agency could benefit from.

All the presentations given at the event are available here. A comprehensive report and a summary will be made available shortly.

The Industry Roundtable convened over 100 participants from 51 different organisations in 19 countries, representing the global border management and security industry, EU Member States, the United States of America, Canada, the EU institutions and JHA Agencies as well as academia.

eu-LISA appreciates the excellent partnership with industry that has greatly contributed to continuing and evolving our Industry Roundtable tradition. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our 12th industry event in spring 2020!