On 11-12 October 2022 eu-LISA, in cooperation with the Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU, organised the last edition of the Industry Roundtable.

The 16th edition of the eu-LISA Industry Roundtable titled ‘EES and ETIAS- Getting Ready for the Entry into Operation’, focused on presenting and discussing new technology solutions, associated business and operational processes developed and deployed in relation to the Entry/Exit System (EES) and the European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS), which will enter operations in 2023.

Accordingly, relevant stakeholders included:

  • Industry (carriers from all business areas, as well as their respective service providers operating at air, sea and land borders)
  • Member States (MS)
  • Associated air and sea ports operators

‘EES and ETIAS- Getting Ready for the Entry into Operation’ also tackled the innovations introduced by these stakeholders in order to adapt to the new ecosystem of Large-Scale European IT Systems.

The event took place face to face in Tallinn (Estonia) and was also streamed online, gathering over 400 participants from 55 different countries.

About the event

The eu-LISA Industry Roundtable aims to bring together representatives of the industry, Member States’ authorities and EU institutions; providing a forum for eu-LISA stakeholders to exchange views on developments of different technologies.

Industry presentations propose their contributions to the topic selected, featuring pioneering technologies, products and services addressing the Member States’ capability gaps in the specific area of interest.

eu-LISA currently operates three large-scale IT systems – Eurodac, SISVIS – and is working on the development of EESETIAS and ECRIS-TCN.