Towards Practical Implementation of the New JHA Information Architecture

On 17 October 2019, eu-LISA will host its next Industry Roundtable event in Tallinn, Estonia.

The autumn Industry Roundtable will follow the eu-LISA Annual Conference organised the day before and will take the topic of the new JHA information architecture forward in a more practical way.

Supporting the increasing needs of border management, internal security and migration management transformation, a new architecture of JHA information systems becomes a reality and its implementation is a continuous challenge.

eu-LISA has recently completed the feasibility study that maps out the desired future interoperability architecture from both enterprise and technical/informational perspectives. The work on the study has delivered various options for the architectural design and development of future systems by eu‑LISA. The summary outlining the outcomes of the study has been made publicly available on the eu-LISA website. The goal of the event will be to work towards concrete solutions for implementing a game-changing interoperable architecture that is fully aligned with legal, functional and technical requirements.

Industry representatives are invited to respond practically and propose implementation solutions, outlining their views on how the new information architecture of large-scale JHA IT systems can be accomplished efficiently. We will shortly inform the companies on how they can volunteer to present their solutions at the event.

For updates regarding the agenda, participation and registration please follow our website.

We look forward to your participation!